Music Monday 8/18/14

  • By Hailey Boudreaux
  • 18 Aug, 2014
Wake up! I am sad to say that for most of you this monday marks the end of summer, but I’m proud to say we have the right vibes to get you up and out to class this morning! Your day is about to get a little more awesome! Head here every Monday for a few fresh tunes to get your week started right.

This week I have hand selected a variety of music genres to get you moving and in the zone so you can show your professor, coworker, boss, mom–whoever, who’s really in control. Just click the play button at the bottom of this post to hear the playlist in full, or check out each track individually.

Henry Green Music – Electric Feel

“Henry Green is an 18 year old English singer-songwriter based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. He began writing and recording music at the age of 13, and from the outset possessed an eclectic and open-minded approach to musical styles and genres.” Henry Green via . His Electric Feel cover takes the original MGMT song and gives it a new melancholy meaning.

Bad Sounds – Living Alone

‚ÄčThis demo song from duo Bad Sounds is exploding the musical airwaves after its first play on BBC Radio 1 on July 8th. No one seems to know anything about them other than this small trace of groovy bass lines and fun lyrics. After listening, I think you will be as thirsty as I am to hear more from this new pair.

Vic Mensa – Down On My Luck

This hip hop artist from Chicago can’t get you moving this morning than I don’t know who can. Part of the same hip-hop collective as Chance the Rapper, he released his mixtape Innanetape almost a year ago and with it came some pretty amazing reviews from critics. Although this song was released as a single after, Innanetape can be downloaded for free on his website .

Panama – Stay Forever

This electronic band from Sydney, Australia realized their EP Always in March of this year. With an interesting nostolgic electronic sound, this song has a feeling that is helping us all make that transition out of summer.

Arcade Fire – Afterlife (Flume Remix)

We have all heard of Arcade Fire having won the 2011 Grammy for album of the year. But this Flume Remix of Afterlife from Arcade Fire’s 2013 Album Reflektor packs all the epicness of the bands usual sound with an upbeat twist.

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