Le Octopus

  • By Hailey Boudreaux
  • 09 Sep, 2012
I’ve been taking a a metalworking and jewelry class in my last semester of college. So far It is a very time consuming class but I absolutely love it! This is my first project so far. We were asked to choose and object that meant something to us and make a reliquary to hold it. I chose my grandpas anchor cross necklace. I then decided to keep going with the nautical theme an make an octopus! The necklace will be hung from one of its legs the stretch far above its head. I have also made the ball that it is sitting on have a hinged door where I can keep other treasures.
Metalworking so far has been both exhausting and extremely relaxing for me. My only regret is not finding my love for it sooner so that I could take more classes! More to come, I’ll keep you all posted!

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Working with Chelsie Bourg (now Gros!) on her wedding invitations and website was a dream, not just because she is one of my best friends, but also because she is one of the kindest people I know and she's not afraid of fun design! We worked with her to create a look that would make her wedding stand out and reflect the bright and wonderful person she is while still matching her rustic floral wedding decor!

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Associated Pump & Supply sells and rents pumps and other dewatering equipment. It is a flourishing, family owned business that has been in Houma, Louisiana for many years. Associated Pump was in need of an updated website that not only showcased their services, but also showed visitors all the equipment they had to offer. We were able to come up with a solution that was more corporate and modern, and easy for visitors to navigate. Check them out at associatedpump.com
By Hailey Boudreaux 08 Apr, 2016
Lafourche ARC continues to do so much for those in our community with developmental disabilities. Everyday they work to better the lives of so many people, but their web presence was not a reflection of the work that they did and continue to do. Together with the W.L. Gaiennie Company we worked to create a new brand and website that showed all the positive work done by the ARC. We used a mix of impactful imagery with fun bright colors and a more serious, corporate design elements to set the tone for the important work that they do. The new site will be up soon at lafourchearc.com
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