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By Hailey Boudreaux 23 Jul, 2014
A while back I was walking along the sidewalk In Downtown Lafayette on my way to Festival International. It was a beautiful day filled with good friends and music in the night air. As we walked Andrew and I laughed and reminisced about all the things we did when we were young. I am an only child, but if I were to call someone my brother it would be Andrew. As a close relative we grew up spending most days together since we were close in age and we went on too many family vacations to count. But on this night, somewhere amongst all the laughter, he expressed how much it would mean to him to own a piece of art from me. This was something we had spoken about before but this time I could hear the sincerity in his voice, and it truly meant something to me.
By Hailey Boudreaux 27 Nov, 2012
Our second metal working project was to make something that told a story. I chose the story of Pandora’s box, but decided to give it a modern twist. Instead of a box I made a locket, that when opened just like Pandora’s box released the evils of the world. The evils are represented here by etched illustrations hinged inside the piece. Each etched triangle depicts one of the seven deadly sins represented as fruit. The eye on the outside represents the all seeing eye and was enameled onto the front with cloisonné metal pieces in between. Enamel was extremely exiting to work with since I loved the idea of adding color to my piece. Can’t wait to play more with this! The possibilities are filling my sketchbooks!
By Hailey Boudreaux 09 Sep, 2012
I’ve been taking a a metalworking and jewelry class in my last semester of college. So far It is a very time consuming class but I absolutely love it! This is my first project so far. We were asked to choose and object that meant something to us and make a reliquary to hold it. I chose my grandpas anchor cross necklace. I then decided to keep going with the nautical theme an make an octopus! The necklace will be hung from one of its legs the stretch far above its head. I have also made the ball that it is sitting on have a hinged door where I can keep other treasures.
Metalworking so far has been both exhausting and extremely relaxing for me. My only regret is not finding my love for it sooner so that I could take more classes! More to come, I’ll keep you all posted!
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